26 July 2015

Indian Lady

When I went to Gillian Travis workshop at the end of May I purchased an Indian Lady kit. It comes with a printed panel, some fabric for hair, skin and the pot she is carrying, some Bondaweb, baking parchment an block stamp and instructions.  Today's weather was awful as its been raining most of the day so just right for a having a go at making this panel.

This is the printed panel, above, before putting the applique on top.
The method of applique is to put all he components together ironing onto baking parchment then transferring the whole thing onto the fabric panel
Unfortunately the green I wanted to use was on the back of this lovel piece of African fabric.
I then added machine quilting and also some gold fabric paint to the piece. With the little block stamp and some blue fabric paint I stamped over it.

Some tidying up of stitches and some embellishment needed, but not a bad days work.

23 July 2015

Sew what have I been up to?

I've done something different recently, the weekend before last I made two skirts. Not for me, I hasten to add but for my two granddaughters, Sophie and Isobel.  My Mum gave me some scraps, and amongst those were these two lovely flowery fabrics
I kept looking at these large pieces and thought they might make nice skirts, so following a texting conversation with my son with measurements for the girls I set to and cut out and made them on a rather grim Sunday.

The orange/yellow one for Sophie and the pink for Isobel. The following day I bought TShirts to match and presented those last Saturday. I know Isobel's fitted ok and she like it. I also enjoyed making something completely different.

This week I've been making a cushion cover. I've been using a Makower picture panel fabric which has been sitting around in my stash for a long time, and I've also used some teal blender fabric which has been lingering in my stash for quite a while too.  So this is what it's turned into.
Here's the back
I like using the decorative stitches on the machine to add a bit of something to take it from a plain cushion cover. I have enough of the teal fabric and using another part of the picture fabric to make another matching cushion cover.

I have some of the picture fabric left, however there is a problem which I have found with some of these picture fabrics is that they tend to be a bit 'squiffy' and slope off to one side as you can see on the pic below on the bottom piece, sorry the pic was taken at the wrong angle.
Any suggestions to use up the remaining pictures?

Festival of Quilts is just two weeks away, and I'm really looking forward to going. I'll be there on Thursday and Friday as part of our week long holiday in the Midlands.  Are any of you going??

13 July 2015

My Mum's Quilts

I use this blog to diarise about things I've made and places we've been to and I don't often show the work of others, unless I've been to exhibitions.  Recently I've received quilts from my Mum that she makes for charity and they get passed onto the local Project Linus group and a local charity called the Youth Cancer Trust, via a local quilt group and I thought I would share them here. I think she's probably made many quilts over years she has been quilting. She is a prolific quilter and enjoys working out patterns for blocks.  All the quilts are 36" square, so nice lap or cuddle quilts.

They are really colourful she likes to work out colours that will go with a feature fabric. There is a polyester wadding and they have been hand quilted and they have been described as having a cuddly quality to them.  Here's the detail of one of the quilt backs to show the quilting.
Lovely isn't it.
So, Mum, I hope you don't mind me "blowing the trumpet" for you and sharing your work.  It some really amazing work and I know it's really appreciated.

07 July 2015

More Sheep Hunting

The weekend before last we had a visit to Bristol as we wanted to make another visit to the SS Great Britain before our ticket (which lasted for 12 months) runs out at the end of this month.  We also wanted to see Shaun in the City, the sheep character created by Aardman Animations, of which several artists decorated sponsored models of the sheep, dotted around Bristol.

There are too many of my photos to put in the blog, so I've made a couple of collages.

The green one (top row, middle, was on Clifton Downs and we walked for ages to see this one, the Downs were crowded due to the Race for Life run taking place on the Sunday morning
This stream of pink clad ladies and girls as far as the eye can see.

Back to more sheep hunting, this time in Cribbs Causeway shopping mall.  There is a shop that sells Gromit (from 2 years ago) and Shaun goodies to help raise funds for children's hospitals.  There was also a schools exhibition of smaller Shaun models decorated for the Shaun in the City event.

Really fab aren't they.

Getting in on the act is Feathers McGraw, the criminal penguin disguised as a chicken in The Wrong Trousers, a Wallace and Gromit film, seated on a tractor.

It was great fun sheep hunting. If you get a chance during the summer do go and see them.

06 July 2015

Sheep Hunting

This is what we did this weekend...

More photos to follow.

28 June 2015

When your Sewing Room Looks as Good as This....

....who needs to sew? ��

Seriously, there's not been a lot going on this week on the sewing front and I must have a jolly good sort out during the evenings this week.

So yesterday, taking advantage of summer weather, David and I went to Stourhead, NT property in Wiltshire, just an hour's drive from home.  We went via Wimborne and saw Quarterjack Quilters excellent exhibition.  David took some photos

Some individual and group quilts. The one in the big picture are images of Wimborne, each members made a block. I also liked the Christmas items in the top right, large Christmas puddings made of Somerset. Folded Patchwork.

They'd also made some small picture quilts on the theme of 'The World is my Garden' challenge.

That's just fourth of, I think, about a dozen quilts, with descriptions but nothing to reveal the maker and the visitors had to vote for their favourite. Funnily enough there were two of Colmers Hill, just outside Bridport. must be a welcome sign that ones in Dorset.

We went on to Stourhead but on the way stopped at a village, Tollard Royal, that was holding a Scarcrow Festival. We had to stop to investigate further and finish our trail around the village with a cup of tea and piece of cake.

The villagers did do rather well, don't you think?

On to Stourhead at last, got there about lunchtime and the afternoon saw us walking around the large lake there and admiring the landscaped gardens.  Lovely architecture too, with the grotto, Parthenon and Aphrodite's Temple

Here's a pic of David, trying out his new camera. 
Just a lovely place to visit.

23 June 2015

Sandown and Other Bits

On Saturday I went with the Bourne Quilters to The National Quilt Championships at Sandown Racecourse in Surrey.  It's nothing like the size of Festival of Quilts so is quite manageable to get around to see the competition quilts and displays by quilt artists, as well as exchange quilts between groups in Germany and UK.  Together with traders, both the usual ones, such as Doughty's and Kaleidoscope, to newer traders, there was quite a variety of things to buy.

I enjoy the break for lunch, where one can sit on the grandstand and enjoy seeing the things going on in the area, the nearby railway, planes heading for Heathrow, and if the sky was a little clearer you can see the tall buildings in London.  I could just about see the Shard.

Here are my purchases.  Quite modest as I didn't need a lot, managed to avoid buying books, nothing jumped out as a must have.

I was intrigued by some of these fancy zips, so as I've taken to sewing zips into things I'd give these a go.  A purse frame, see if I can make another purse without pulling the clip apart! Calico  - 5 metres should last me  - I think I might use some as a toile for dressmaking.  Underneath is a panel of Advent Christmas stockings, don't know why I needed to get this Christmas still 6 months away, but the way this year is going.....

When I got home this lovely package was waiting for me from Benta

Some Sweet Sixteen blocks. Lovely!

Here they are with my blocks

I was just going make a cushion, but I can see me making more of them, with some large squares in between.  I'll have a look through the stash and see what will go well with them.